Discover Interests Through Electives

Nicole Braun, Opinion Editor

High school is a time when you can explore interests, new and old. While everyone has to endure primary courses like math and English, students are free to take electives that interest them. One of the perks of Ramsey High School is that they offer many electives that are bound to meet the interests of the student body.

However, before you graduate, you need to fulfill five credits of practical arts, five credits of fine arts, and two and a half of financial literacy. While you may feel the urge to knock out all of these requirements at once, its okay to take your time and spread them throughout your four years at RHS. With that being said, be mindful of how many credits you need to complete at the end of each school year, that way you won’t be jamming in all your required courses when you’re a senior. Trust me, time flies fast when you’re in high school; it’s always helpful to stay on top of things.

For most students at RHS, two time slots are allotted in your schedule for electives. As you can tell by their name, full-year electives last the entire year and are worth five credits. Alternatively, half-year electives last one semester and are worth two-and-a-half credits. The spaces in your schedule can be filled up by two full-year electives, one full-year and two half-year electives, or four half-year electives.

High school is a time to explore your passions and also find new ones. Don’t be afraid to take classes that are entirely foreign to you, you might surprise yourself by discovering something you love. No matter your interests, RHS is bound to have something for you.