Book Recommendations

Hana Lee, Entertainment Writer

Books That Will Make You Feel Cozy and Warm Inside this Winter


The days are getting shorter, the nights are growing colder, and there’s only one thing you need: a good book to get through the cold months. The icy and bitter weather of the season makes everyone feel a little gloomy from time to time and a longing for something warm is deep inside, but fear not, there’s a solution for all of this! A nice crispy book filled with the warmth of the characters living inside and the coziness of the story can snap anyone out of their winter woefulness, so here’s a list curated to accomplish just that purpose:


Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

Louisa Clark, lively and eccentric by nature, desperately searches for work to make ends meet for her family, when she receives an offer to care for a former wealthy banker— the stone-cold, moody, and abrasive quadriplegic young man, Will Traynor. Will was left paralyzed from the neck down in an unfortunate motorcycle accident that left him bitter and cold, with no desire for anything or anyone. As Lousia’s outgoing nature compels her to attempt a close friendship with Will, his pessimistic perspective on life starts to change into a sense of hope for himself as Louisa shows him that life is certainly worth living. Their friendship soon turns into something more as Louisa and Will spend almost every second of their days together – that is until Louisa learns of a shocking secret that Will has been hiding from her. 


The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

Charlie is the conventional wallflower – socially awkward with poor luck when it comes to friends – that is until he meets Sam and Patrick, two confident seniors who help Charlie realize the joys and wonders of true friendship. His freshman year in high school becomes filled with unique experiences as Sam and Patrick introduce him to new music, parties, people, and places. For the first time in his life since his former best friend passed away, Charlie feels happy and the new friends and memories he is making makes him feel ‘infinite’. However, that all starts to change when his friends prepare to finish their last year in high school and go off to college, threatening Charlie’s brand-new confidence and happiness.


Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

This beautiful classic revolves around the iconic tight-knit sisters Jo, Amy, Beth, and Meg, and their adventure-filled lives together. Jo is the resident tomboy and aspiring writer, Amy is spoiled but rather artistic, Beth is quiet and frail, and Meg is the oldest and very sweet-natured. Although the sisters are very different from each other, their close bond and love for family unites them as one as they face personal and familial struggles during the time of the Civil War. The girls’ love for one another is so inspiring and beautiful, while their bickering is relatable for anyone who has siblings. Their heart-warming story not only transports the reader into another time period, but lets them experience the story as if they are right next to Jo, Amy, Beth, and Meg.