Enjoying Christmas-Time in NYC Safely

As we all know, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has infringed on annual traditions, including trick-or-treating on Halloween and gathering with family on Thanksgiving. During the holiday season, New York City can easily be considered a Winter Wonderland with beautiful window displays, the light show at Saks Fifth Avenue, and of course, the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. As the holidays’ fast approach, it is essential to celebrate safely, especially while enjoying New York City’s festivities.

To stay safe when visiting the city, it is important to consider several things, including transportation and travel companions. Instead of taking public transport, such as a train or a bus, it is much safer to drive to the city in your car. If you choose to take your vehicle, be sure to only be with immediate family or people you have frequently seen during the pandemic. If you decide to travel with people you have only seen a few times since the beginning of the pandemic or people you have not seen at all, be sure to wear a mask in the car since it is an enclosed space to stay safe. 

Other factors to consider when traveling to New York City for the holidays is your attire and what you carry in your bag. There will likely be many other tourists and locals walking around New York City streets to see the same attractions as you, so be sure to do your best at socially distancing as much as possible and always wear your mask. Also, make sure to pack a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag to kill germs as you travel throughout the city.

Stay safe and happy holidays!