The First Games of the Fall Season

Ian Rountree, Sports Writer

The 2020 fall season for all sports is going to be a weird one. No one is allowed to be in the stands and the full season most likely will not be played. But that does not mean that we won’t get our daily dose of Rams Sports. The first game of any sport is as important as the last; the game determines how well the team will play over the course of the whole season and in the potential playoffs. Football is one of the sports that is finally starting to play games against other schools. Even though they need to travel long distances, the RAMs are still bringing Ramsey pride throughout New Jersey. The first game the RAMs played was a big win against Point Pleasant, 31-0. Freshman, JV, and Varsity Field Hockey have consistently played throughout the season, most notably against West Milford and Hackensack. Girls tennis have also started on the same day as JV and Varsity against River Dell. The Freshmen Girls Soccer team competed in a competitive game against Mahwah and Freshmen Boys Soccer also played against Mahwah the subsequent Saturday. 

     What does this mean for our teams? For one, they need to get ready because these seasons are not canceled. All athletes need to be on their A-game in preparation for the  Playoffs!  Our teams strive to demonstrate their efficient communication, friendships, and teamwork. For the teams that had their playoffs canceled, it does not mean the season is not important. Our teams should take this season with preliminary importance because they will practice for next year and gain experience against teams they will most likely play next season. If our Ramsey athletes can learn from their flaws in game strategies, they will be ready for next season and prepared to face off again. For the teams that are having playoffs, winning the first game is everything. If the teams can show how good they are early in the season, then Ramsey will be considered a big threat out there on the field. It also puts the team in good spirits because it lets them know that even if things are not the way they should be, Ramsey is still full of elite players and will not be held back. 

     If more schools start to open, having a full season with playoffs is possible; however, the Ramsey teams need to show their best in the first game and beyond with consistency. The first game can define how the whole team and individual players will do that season. It brings up school spirit and Ramsey is filled with students who love the sports. So the wins count not just for the players, but for the hope and faith of the fans. So when the teams go into the first game, just know the school is behind and we got your back.