Chiu on This

Nicole Chiu, Managing Editor

I would love to be able to say it’s that time of year again; the time for sweaters, pumpkins, leaves, etc., but lately I haven’t been so sure.  This fall has started off more like the spring or summer, with temperature highs in the 70s or even 80s.  And as if that wasn’t abnormal enough, we have had our share of sporadic rain storms and even a tornado warning.  In reality, none of these conditions should faze inhabitants of New Jersey considering last fall we braved a hurricane.  Yet this fall the most unexpected weather conditions are those days that are reminiscent of summer.

Fall for some people could just mean pumpkin spice lattes, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, fall means football season.  All of these iconic aspects of the fall season are here, but where’s the brisk air and subdued skies?  Unlike people on the west coast, we actually experience pretty noticeable differences in temperature and conditions with each season.  As much as people claim that they would love to live in a place like California where it is perpetually warm, there is still definite appreciation for the seasons in New Jersey.  It’s a nice change of pace.  Personally,  I have not been a fan of leaving the house feeling chilly in the morning and then practically sweating during last period gym.  It is impossible to decide what to wear each day with this crazy range of temperatures.  One can only assume what this weather pattern suggests for the upcoming winter.

Unlike typical fall leaves, this fall leaves me confused.  I don’t know what to expect anymore weather-wise, but I’m prepared for anything ranging from hurricanes to 80 degrees.