Freshman, Nina Davis, Secures a Spot on RHS Girls Varsity Soccer

Freshman, Nina Davis, Secures a Spot on RHS Girls Varsity Soccer

Ava Lorusso, Spotlight Editor

Ramsey’s own 14 year old, Nina Davis, has made girls varsity soccer as a freshman. Davis has been passionate about soccer for years, and this dedication has clearly been worth it. She shared with the Ram, “I was so surprised when I found out I made it, but at the same time it felt like my hard work really paid off.” Soccer has brought Davis numerous opportunities and friendships, the varsity team allowing this as well. Securing a spot in varsity soccer is not only impressive, but it has allowed Davis to build relationships in the environment that all of Ramsey’s teams provide. See below for the interview on Nina Davis’s amazing accomplishment, and her contribution to Ramsey athletics. 


How long have you been playing soccer?

“This is my seventh year playing soccer. I first started in third grade, and I’ve been playing ever since.”


Do you play for a club team? If so, which one?

“I play for Cedar Stars Academy, and I have been playing with them since I started my career.”


Are you continuing to play for a club team since making varsity?

“Yes, I am continuing to play for Cedar Stars. It’s been really busy, but I love getting extra time to practice.”


How did you utilize the downtime Covid-19 brought? 

“Covid-19 was a difficult adjustment, but I did my best to stay in shape. Every morning I would get up and go on a 1-2 mile run. I would get extra touches on the ball to keep up the work I had made throughout the year. The core workouts I did also helped me to stay in shape during the time off. This downtime gave me a chance to process, and think about what I can improve on in soccer.”


What was your reaction to making Varsity soccer as a Freshman?

“I was extremely surprised, but also happy. I’m excited about the future and to be in a new environment.” 


Has the adjustment of going from a middle school to a high school environment, especially in sports, been difficult? 

“Yes, it has been difficult, especially in terms of the work I have been assigned. It has added a lot of stress, but I came up with a schedule that works for me. This gives me time to balance homework and practices, with moments for myself as well.”


Did the Upperclassmen make you feel welcome?

“The Upperclassmen have been super sweet, and have been very welcome! They do not treat me differently than anyone else and I appreciate that. Befriending new people has been awesome, especially girls in all different grades.”


Any final thoughts?

“I can’t wait for the upcoming season, and hopefully we can continue to play under the Covid guidelines. The energy from the team is unlike anything I have ever been a part of, and the support has been amazing. I am so lucky to be a part of this team, and it has been such an amazing experience so far!”