In Memory of Doug Parcells

Lucy Latorre, Staff Writer

On Friday, September 27th, Ramsey lost a beloved staff member, Doug Parcells. A gym teacher at both Dater and Hubbard Elementary Schools, Mr. Parcells always knew how to brighten each and every person’s day.


He was not the typical gym teacher, instead of directly teaching skills for sports and exercise, he subtly taught students through creative games and activities. Even though the kids he taught were very young, the lessons he shared impacted their lives. Every child had a personal connection to him in some way, especially through the creative nicknames he gave each of them. They would be anything from shortening a child’s first name, using their last name, singing little songs, or even using special memories from the class, but whatever they were, they created a personal connection between the child and Mr. Parcells. Instead of having the children sit in their spots and trudge through attendance, he used nicknames for each child, brightening up the process and keeping their attention the entire time.

He was a joy to see in the hallways, a joy to be taught by, and a joy to see after moving on from elementary school. Somehow, he remembered each student, and kept that nickname, never breaking the special connection. Even when the students hit high school, his voice was a familiar treat to hear every Friday at RHS football games. Even the kids who did not have him as a teacher knew and loved him. His passing marks a sad day to Ramsey, but also a reminder of the happiness he brought to everyone he met.