Thank You Mrs. Kakaty

Nicole Braun, Managing Editor

After fifteen years of serving the RHS community, Mrs. Kakaty is retiring this year. As media specialist, Mrs. Kakaty reflects that the greatest joy of her job was interacting with RHS’s diverse student body, saying that she is “so grateful to have a career which has been so focused on children.” Because she was not confined to a single class, Mrs. Kakaty treated everyone who walked into the media center as her student, listening to their ups and downs, dispensing wisdom, and, of course, recommending books.

While Mrs. Kakaty has been busy running the RHS media center, she also started an initiative that encouraged students to read for pleasure, and she convinced teachers to allow students the time to do so. She has also spread her initiative to her fellow librarians and Bergen County, who are now instating similar programs in their own schools.

In her retirement, Mrs. Kakaty will continue dedicating her time to bettering the community. She volunteers at a local school “planting vegetable and flower gardens and encouraging them to become aware of the environment.” This meshes two of her passions: gardening and volunteer work. Mrs. Kakaty also looks forward to traveling and spending time with her family, especially her young grandson.

Though she has so much to look forward to in the coming years, Mrs. Kakaty’s departure is bittersweet. She has been a dedicated member of the RHS community for a long time, bringing her enthusiasm and passion with her to work every day.
A note from the writer: I am personally so grateful for everything Mrs. Kakaty has done for me over the past two and a half years. She has given me advice, encouragement, and countless book recommendations. Thank you, Mrs. Kakaty for all of your dedication to the students of Ramsey High School; it will not be the same without you.