Bobby Taylor: The Man Behind “Girls Who Code”


Madeline Bierfass, Spotlight Editor

Every new school year brings loads of new clubs, and this year is no exception! The most fascinating club so far has to be “Girls Who Code.” Founded by sophomore Bobby Taylor, this club offers exciting opportunities to female students who are interested in the world of code. Bobby claims he was inspired by his mother and sisters to start the club, and he hopes to get “many girls coding and into STEM-related fields.” In a world where men dominate the computer programming industry, Bobby has created an outlet where women can learn how to code and get a jumpstart on their competitors.


During the actual club meetings, participants will learn how to code many things, including amazing websites. Sessions take place in the library during lunch, with the first meeting being on Tuesday, October 16th. This innovative club pushes Ramsey High School one more step in the right direction, with the language of coding being the voice of girls all around the school. Hats off to Bobby Taylor, a champion of girls who dream of a career in code.