Grace Robblee Leaves Her Mark at RHS


Jack Kramer, News Editor

“I’ve been making art for as long as I can remember. When I was little, I really wanted to be a painter, but then I realized that most artists get famous after they die, and I have expensive taste- no way could I survive on the starving artist lifestyle… so yeah basically I’ve been making art forever.” This is what it’s like to talk to Grace Robblee, a senior at Ramsey High School, whose conversations are filled with mini stories as she moves from one topic to the next. You never know what creative, thought-provoking anecdote or joke will spring into the conversation next.


This creativity can be seen throughout Grace’s life, not just in her speaking. A lover of art, Grace has been taking art classes for years, going through the Visual Arts program at RHS and taking Independent Study this year as a senior. Grace plans to study journalism at Indiana University in the fall and is the only senior currently in Independent Study who is not applying to art school. While the other seniors were creating their portfolios, Grace was able to come up with a concept for a mural for the school.


Anyone who has walked the halls of RHS has seen at least one of these murals, pieces of art created by former Ramsey students. Grace described her appreciation for the murals saying, “I always noticed the murals during school, and they always made me happy.” It was this love of art coupled with her desire to contribute something to the school that made Grace want to make her own mural. “I think it’s cool that you can leave a part of yourself at the school, and that other kids years from now will get to see it. I wanted to leave a piece of myself here.”


The idea for the mural did not come easily. Grace described the many concepts and ideas that she had for the mural and how none of them had felt right. Then, one day during school, Grace found herself doodling some flowers, her favorite subject, with micron pens, her favorite medium. “I knew that I wanted it to be colorful, sort of a reflection of myself, but then the rest sort of just happened,” Grace explains, “I’ve always liked drawing flowers because they’re all different, and you can’t tell when you mess up because of their organic shapes.” The mural features the outlines of various flowers placed on a background of bright color splotches and is placed at the corner of the English/Art hallway. “It’s fitting that that’s where my mural is. English and Art are the two subjects I always loved so I always felt happy in that hallway.”


Throughout the entire process of making the mural, Grace has had many memorable moments. “People I don’t even know have come up to me while I’m working on it to tell me how much they like it,” Grace gushes, “It feels good to be making something that represents the school and myself, and I’m happy that people are having such a positive response.” Her wish is to make a lasting mark on the school that will make an impact on someone’s day, no matter how small.


Grace doesn’t want to say that the mural has a specific meaning behind it; she likes that art can be interpreted differently by different people and wants other students and viewers of the mural to decide what it means to them. “I just want it to cheer people up. I hope kids in the future will look at it and have it brighten their day.”