Ms. Cafiero Guides World Language Honors Society

Madeline Bierfass, Spotlight Editor

No one can deny that Ms. Cafiero plays an integral role at Ramsey High School: she educates students about the Spanish language, and she is the advisor to the World Language Honors Society. The WLHS recognizes students who excel in their respective language course(s), as access to the society requires a 3.75 average grade in that class for every year the language was taken. Once one is admitted, Ms. Cafiero puts the induction ceremony together, and prepares students for the honor they are about to receive with a meeting and rehearsal. “I am thankful that Ms. Cafiero leads this club because it has given me the opportunity to show colleges how I have succeeded in my language course,” one student states, “and I could not be a part of this club if Ms. Cafiero hadn’t put so much time and effort into it.” With monthly meetings and a huge bake sale every year, Ms. Cafiero shows her dedication to the WLHS through her hard work and the success of the club.

Along with advising WLHS, Ms. Cafiero is a beloved Spanish teacher and she also advises Spanish Club. She does fun activities with her students, involving special sugar skulls, pumpkin carving, and pinata- making all as parts of her agenda. Everyone who takes part in Spanish Club enjoys every minute of it, so much so that many students stay in the club for all four years of high school. Ms. Cafiero has a lot on her plate with all of her classes and clubs, but she handles it with grace and makes sure that all of her students adore whatever activities they participate in.