Caroline Voigt, a Ramsey Entrepreneur 

Caroline Voigt, a Ramsey Entrepreneur 

Julia Bressi, Spotlight Editor

When we’re younger, we are ambitious, and generally imagine unrealistic versions of our future. When you’re a child, you probably are not thinking of business. However,  Caroline Voigt has had a business outlook since she was around 10 years old. She launched her first venture in the fourth grade and created a T-shirt to sell to Irish dancers and their families. Using an interest of hers, Irish dance, she recognized and untouched market, Irish dancers, and then created a product. Unfortunately, this idea did not pan out as she was scammed by the t shirt vendor. Caroline remarked that this failure allowed her to learn that “not everyone has my best interests in mind.”

At Ramsey High School, Caroline has taken multiple marketing, Java, and computer science courses. Her vast knowledge of marketing and business structure helped shaped how she tackles her business plans. Over the summer she sent the CEO of her favorite company, JCrew, an email detailing a new business plan for them. This December, the company replied and invited her to tour their corporate offices. Additionally, she is the president of DECA for the second year in the row. She has run Powder Puff, created the school store, and competed in the state, regional, and national DECA competitions.

Along with business, Caroline in interested in fashion. Style is a value to her, and she will never wear the same exact outfit twice. She is a known fan of J Crew and ran her own fashion blog, The Queen of the Closet. Connecting her blog to the business world, she received offers by small companies to showcase their products on her blog. This was a huge step for her as her connections have grown immensely. In her freshman year, Caroline was invited to her first fashion week, and has now been to seven!

As the years went on, Caroline’s small goals became more challenging and large scale. In 2015, she became the CEO of her own company, an online jewelry store called Shop The Queen of the Closet. Employing marketing tactics and knowledge of computer science, Caroline created her own website and was able to advertise her products. This business was a significant accomplishment for her but she did encounter a challenge: tax evasion. Being 15, she seemed out of her league, but Caroline tackled the challenge head on and claims she is now in good graces with the IRS.

Determination and resilience are displayed by Caroline as she refuses to back down from a challenge. Mistakes are used as lessons in order to avoid failure. Although 18 appears too young to have such accomplishments, Caroline’s impulses are credited to her success. The entrepreneur states that “I tend to throw myself into situations I may not be fully equipped to handle.” Using marketing skills, entrepreneurial tactics, and her own creativity she is able to persevere and has become victorious in her endeavors. Currently, Caroline works for Varcity, a fitness startup in NYC which makes fitness classes available for teenagers. After working for the company for about a year, she has been able to make connections and expand her portfolio. Her next step is to promote Varcity through a partnership with Teen Vogue.

From fashion weeks to internships to corporate meetings, Caroline Voigt has established herself in the business world. She is relentless in achieving her goals due to her “never give up” attitude. In college she plans to study business and to continue in growing her portfolio.