Ryan Henry, a Ram for Life

Ryan Henry, a Ram for Life

Julia Winterhalter, Staff Photographer

The college decision process is stressful and exciting for all students. The first and second marking periods of your senior year are filled with applying to schools and the anticipation and patience of waiting to hear back in a few months. But for Ryan Henry, the process was no surprise. A star softball player since she was about ten years old, Ryan successfully earned her way onto the Division I softball team at Fordham University. This process was far from easy, though, and took Ryan her entire high school career to figure out and work for.

It didn’t start as the road to Fordham for Ryan who, during her freshman year, was juggling field hockey, softball, and numerous club teams, which was a lot as she was “playing two sports I wasn’t really sure if I was going to play in college.” Ryan says that in doubling with sports and aiming for big name schools, she wasn’t really expecting herself to end up playing softball in college. Then, in October of her junior year, Ryan blindly attended a camp at Fordham, but Ryan said that she “wasn’t expecting them to like me and I didn’t know anything about the school.”

The next few months changed Ryan’s softball career completely and opened her up to world of new possibilities. Starting around mid-October of her junior year, Ryan received a call from the Fordham coach asking her to come to campus for a visit, and, about a month later, she received another call that they would like her to join the team. Ryan believes her process reflected her late grandfather’s life. “The day after I got back from the camp, my grandpa had died. Then the day of his wake I got a phone call from the coach… and on his birthday was when I got a call to join the team.” Though this was only a verbal commitment, meaning there was much more she had to go through to finish the process, this was everything Ryan had worked hard for since she joined the t-ball team.

Flash forward about a year later, on November 8th, 2017. Ryan had her signing day at Ramsey High School, surrounded by her parents, Mr. Grasso, Dr. Thumm, Mrs. Kilday, and Victoria Sebastian, who herself is now committed to pitch at Fordham alongside Ryan. Mrs. Henry even brought their dog dressed up in Fordham gear for support. Ryan sealed her future that morning, and is excited for what is to come in the future. “This high school season we have a lot to live up to, it’s scary to live up to the legacy of last year [having made it state championships]. I’ve been training and working harder than I ever have before to get ready for my Fordham season.” Alongside representing her future Division I team, Ryan will be studying film and history at the university.