Mr. Walker Guides National Honor Society

Mr. Walker (center) is surrounded by members of the NHS at a food drive

Mr. Walker (center) is surrounded by members of the NHS at a food drive

Lily Brickman, Sports Editor

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One of the most prestigious groups at every high school is the National Honor Society. With a very difficult selection process and extremely competitive requirements, the students involved are some of the most academically elite of the school. It is therefore only fitting that the group have equally elite leaders, such as Mr. DiGiore and Mr. Walker. Mr. Walker spends a majority of his school day teaching calculus and economic courses. However, his contributions do not stop there.


Being an adviser for the National Honor Society requires a large amount of dedication and time, especially for the large group at the high school. Mr. Walker is with the students from the commencement of the process, as he helps with admissions into the society, an experience that gives him a scope into the lives of the students. “As NHS adviser, I am able to see students’ NHS resumes. Therefore, I am able to learn of all of the wonderful experiences that these students have in their electives, extracurricular activities, and out-of-district activities. I see how charitable and passionate the students are in these endeavors, and I learn how much hard work they put into these experiences.” He continues to work with accepted students through the induction ceremony and into their next year of schooling.


On top of the impeccable advisers, NHS has four student officers who help run the activities and organize events. The club would be unable to function if it were not for the the officers who take leadership roles, an election process that Mr. Walker sets up and assists with the fruition of. NHS runs events such as food drives during Thanksgiving and blood drives within the high school. Mr. Walker provides the opportunity for the entire school to help the Ramsey community and beyond. However, he credits the students with handling a majority of the work, saying that “I know that, even though the students are quite busy outside NHS, I can count on them to put forth strong efforts with our main events such as the blood drives and food drive.” Mr. Walker sacrifices copious amounts of time for the student body as a National Honors Society adviser, giving students endless opportunities and bringing the community closer together.

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