Erica Lynch and No Soap Radio

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Erica Lynch and No Soap Radio

Grace Robblee, Entertainment Editor

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The first semester of senior year is hectic. With college applications, extracurricular activities, and after school jobs, many of us struggle with even finishing our homework on time, much less an album. For Ramsey High School senior Erica Lynch, however, making music comes naturally.

Lynch’s band, No Soap Radio, recently released their debut single, New Leaf, on all major streaming services, including Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Music. The band consists of

Lynch, the lead singer, Drew and Riley Coll of Glen Rock, a brother and sister duo on lead guitar and bass respectively, and Ridgewood High School student Jake Rubenstein on drums. The four musicians met around two and a half years ago and after realizing they had similar taste in music, decided to form an alternative-rock band. They have spent the last year and a half writing original music for their debut album.

Lynch and her band-mates credit bands like Weezer, The Black Keys, and The Pixies as their main sources of inspiration. The band also enjoys covering songs from The Front Bottoms.

On the release of their first single, Lynch describes the experience as “really cool. It feels like we’re really going somewhere now. And it’s nice that people can now put our song on their playlist with their usual music if they enjoy it.”

No Soap Radio hopes to release their 9-song LP, There’s a Floating Door in the Sky, within the next month or two. When asked what listeners can expect from the album, Lynch described, “a few slow songs, some sad but powerful songs, and also a few songs that you might listen to and think, ‘Well, that’s really weird. I don’t know if I like that.’ It’s a good mix of what we like to hear and what we like to play.”

Aside from her band, Lynch is involved in Ramsey High School’s Ram Jams choral group, Latin Club, and GEN21. She is an AP student, and plans to attend an arts college in the New York City area next fall. She also fully intends to stay involved with No Soap Radio, and to keep creating music with some of her best friends.

Listen to No Soap Radio’s Single, New Leaf

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