Teichman and Her Students Hit the Airwaves on German Radio

Megan Lupo

Grace Brogowski, Staff Writer

German teacher Frau Teichman and her students were selected to appear on a German radio show. She heard of the opportunity through an educational association connected to the Goethe-Institut and thought it would be a wonderful experience for her German 4 CPE, IV Honors, and AP classes. The students appeared on Radijojo, a children’s based radio station in Berlin, and 1010 Wins, a local New York station. The purpose of the program was to promote international communication between America and Germany. This was a remarkable achievement of the German program at Ramsey High School.

During the week of November 17th, the German IV and AP classes spent their class time and all day Wednesday developing a broadcast. With the help of Wolfgang J. Fischer, the coordinator of the project, and fellow Ramsey High School alum Michael Kaefer, the students produced and recorded radio segments. Along with interviews chosen and a mock Radio game show, students discussed German culture in New Jersey, the history of New Jersey, and daily lives of Ramsey students. The goal was to relate the German language and culture to what is meaningful to the students’ lives in America.

Although the students were excited about this opportunity, they were nervous because they wanted to make a good impression. The thought of speaking a foreign language on the radio was daunting even though they were well prepared to speak in German. Still, they were proud to get the opportunity to represent Ramsey and display what the German program offers at Ramsey High School.

Throughout the week, Wolfgang edited the students’ recordings, along with the help of Michael and uploaded segments onto the Radijojo website. In addition to recording segments, the students had the task of creating a jingle for them to play at appropriate times throughout the broadcast. Ramsey High School was the only school in New Jersey selected to participate in this “Transatlantic School Initiative”program. Frau Teichman worked hard to obtain the special opportunity for students to display their dedication to German.

Wolfgang explained that the goal of the project is for the students involved to interact and communicate with students in Germany. He believed that this would help foster a better relationship between Germany and America. “I am thrilled for students to have the opportunity to work with a real German journalist!” stated Mrs. Teichman. Congratulations to Frau Teichman`s class for being selected to be broadcasted on a German radio station.