Ramsey Girl’s Field Hockey Making a Statement in 2019 Fall Season

Kaelin Farley, Staff Writer

Ramsey High School’s girls field hockey team has once again worked hard for another successful season, claiming the number one seed in the county tournament and maintaining an undefeated record moving into the county final and state tournament.

Although the team captains Libby Solleder (Junior), Caroline Doherty (Senior) and Hanna Leto (Senior) rallied their teammates during preseason beginning August 12th, the team knew they would miss 2019 alumnus Jane Pless, who was awarded 2018 New Jersey Player of the Year. The new starting lineup recognized the big shoes they needed to fill in order to compete at a high level in the county tournament.

Fortunately, the 2019 field hockey team was able to step it up and make a statement once again in the county. With sophomore goalie Erica Babbitts, a recent Rutgers commit, in cage, and forward linemen Claire Corriston (who scored twenty goals in the first twelve games), the team did not fall short of the 2019 team’s legacy. 

           Although scoring is the crucial aspect to win games, support has to come from all over the field. Starting defenders Sophie Cunningham, Holly Gardella, and Sam Ducey have shut out ten teams, letting up two goals in twelve games. The starting midfielders have also played major roles, with Janey Ratto, Astrid Corcoran, and Libby Solleder consistently backing up the forward line. The forward linesmen who are responsible for finishing off the shots, are Molly Henry, Caroline Doherty, Claire Corriston, and Hanna Leto often lead the team to game winning goals. It is clear that Ramsey’s team record could not have been achieved without the hard work of every single player on the field. 

 Dohrety believes that the rigorous practices that took place on the front grass field of Ramsey High School throughout the summer are what gave the team the edge to beat their rivals Northern Highlands 2-0 in the season opener. Field Hockey is normally a game played on turf, but due to the recent construction on DePuyt field, the team’s practices were pushed to a grass field. Regardless of the challenges thrown at them, the team took advantage of the tough terrain to enhance their skills. Captain Libby Solleder says, “Practicing on grass really made it easier for us to play as a team. Even though it was hard to get used to, it has made us stronger and more confident going into our season opener.”

Head Coach Becky Fantry set high expectations for the season from the start, aiming to make a good run in the state tournament and hopefully secure the State Sectional Title. The team knew it wasn’t going to be easy, and the journey is not finished. Success comes with a price, as the field hockey team can often be seen running miles around the track.

“It’s really important to be in good shape while still having good field hockey skills, which is why we do a lot of running. It seems hard in the moment, but when it comes to a tight game, it gives us the strength to keep going,” says Senior captain Hanna Leto, one of the team’s starting forwards. Leto’s statement reigns true, as Ramsey Field Hockey secured its twelfth consecutive win on October 7th against Passaic Valley. 

The team knows that the hard work is not done to claim the state or county title, but nonetheless, the captains have reflected on the deeper successes of the season. No matter the statistical outcome of the season, Doherty emphasizes the bonds that have been made between teammates on and off the field.