Recap of the Ramsey Field Hockey Team’s 2018 Fall Season

Kaelin Farley, Staff Writer

The Ramsey Girl’s Field Hockey team capped off another successful season back in November, reaching the Bergen County Final game and maintaining a thrilling run in the state tournament. With a final record of 17-3, the Ramsey team proves to still be one of the area’s top competitors.

Despite facing many challenges and setbacks throughout the season, Ramsey Field Hockey consistently bounced back. The team faced an unfortunate start to their season, beginning with a loss to their biggest rival; Highlands field hockey. However, the drive and motivation was needed to propel them through the rest of their season, only racking up two more losses in total against Newton in the state tournament and Northern Highlands again in the county final game.

The Ramsey Field Hockey team’s season finished in the state tournament semi final game on Halloween, losing with a score of 2-0 against Newton High School. The Ramsey field hockey team also took down many big competitors in the area, consisting of West Milford for the league title and Lakeland, another strong rival. The Rams beat out West Milford in the final league game at the buzzer, with Sophomore Molly Henry scoring the winning goal and bringing Ramsey out on top. The Rams were also faced with another challenge; playing the Lakeland team on grass, while the Ramsey athletes were accustomed to practicing on the turf fields. This meant that the girls were forced to quickly adjust to playing on a grass surface, but were able to pull off a 2-0 win to not only boost their confidence but raise their ranking in states.

The team sacrificed many hours, after school, over the summer and on weekends practicing hard; and it showed. Head Coach Becky Fantry guided the team through another shining season, with the help of senior captains Meg Henry, Jenna Doran and Jane Pless. These student athletes worked hard to set an example for their younger teammates, whether it was showing sportsmanship or working hard on the field. The captains were chosen based on who would lead the team in the best way; and the 2018 captains truly embodied the true meaning of being a Ram.

Students of all grade levels were also given opportunities on the field, including the starting varsity goalie Erica Babbitts, a freshman from Ramsey High School. Sophomores Molly Henry, Claire Corriston, Astrid Corcoran, Sam Ducey and Libby Solleder were also included on the starting lineup, in addition to junior Caroline Doherty. Seniors Lauren Salazar, Meg Henry, Jenna Doran, and the season’s top scorer Jane Pless complemented the starting lineup as well, with supporting seniors Arianna Gemma, Jordan Baruffaldi and Hailey Kennedy also getting opportunities to shine.

With seven graduating seniors, next year’s team will be transformed greatly, yet the underclass athletes paint a promising future for the team. With sophomore Libby Solleder receiving first team all defense and sophomore Claire Corriston receiving first team all offense, the next season is looking bright with a strong foundation of younger players. The captains for the upcoming 2019 season are current juniors Hanna Leto and Caroline Doherty, along with current sophomore Libby Solleder.

The Ramsey Field Hockey Team once again completed a spectacular season in November, with much more to come. The team’s legacy will live on in the coming years, with the program’s standards being extremely high as new generations of players come and go. The team is expected to compete at the same level in coming years, with many returning players with different skill sets to offer. Although the 2018 season has come to an end, it is one that will never be forgotten by the coaches and athletes involved.