Pride and Passion Drive RHS Swim Team

Aaron Moreno


As everyone knows, balancing school, sports, extra-curriculars, and a personal life is an obstacle every student seems to face during his/her high school career. While navigating this complicated process, senior Aaron Moreno discovered the Ramsey High School Swim Team (RHSST). Even though Aaron has been swimming his entire life, he did not realize its importance until high school. Ever since he arrived he noticed the extreme sense of community and family among the team, regardless of age and skill, and it is this that makes the RHSST so successful. Whether you are leading the race or or trailing behind, the sense of team spirit and encouragement is unwavering and bold.

This immense pride for their community and passion for swimming has brought great success for the RHSST. In the past four years alone, many Ramsey High School records and personal bests were surpassed. Current senior Riley Lambert broke 100m Backstroke, 50m Freestyle, and took part in the 200m Freestyle Relay, which exceeded anything Ramsey has seen before. It was not only the drive of the athletes that brought the RHSST success, but the effective and motivational coaching of Gary Bach and Dave Nehls as well. Their past experiences with swimming led them to be the amazing leaders that took the RHSST to the top. Pride, community, and passion are what Ramsey High School Swim Team embodies, and they embody the best Ramsey has to offer.