Girl’s Soccer Wins State Sectional Championship

Katie Sylvester

This soccer season has been my best one yet. My team had such a special run, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. My team went 19-3-1, along with winning our league and state sectional championship, as well as, being county and state finalists. Our coach, Mr. Sabella led us with ease day after day. He managed 22 teenage girls without breaking a sweat. He kept the sport interesting and made everyone excited to go out to practice everyday. Our assistant coaches as well gave us everything we needed, the second we needed it. As a unit the coaches traveled hours away to scout and get film on the team we were playing later in the week. We were so well taken care of in every aspect.

A team like this one doesn’t come around often, but I am forever grateful I could be a part of it. Every teammate was so close with one another it truly made us a family. Differences like age and playing time contributed absolutely nothing to the way we treated each other, which helped lead to our success. From the beginning of the season the coaches preached to us every day about how much potential we had. Everyday we would listen and as the season went on we slowly started to unlock the potential they saw. Every single player put their hearts on the line and gave the State Championship everything we had, although we didn’t come out on top my team and I still accomplished so much. I will never forget the cloud 9 feeling that came over all of us after winning the State Sectional Final; because it’s moments like those that make it so hard to say goodbye to this sport.