Youngsters Take The Olympics

Lily Brickman, Sports Editor

The 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics proved to be quite the ride for the United States of America. With winners in many events and history being made, the states watched with pride as their athletes took the stage and performed to the best of their ability. Although Canada, Germany, and Norway beat us out in the medal count, the U.S. placed third thanks to the many hard working male and female athletes.

Among the most impressive wins were the men and women’s snowboarding. Seasoned Olympic athlete Shaun White had his eyes set on the men’s halfpipe. White took gold at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 and was looking to repeat history in Sochi during 2014; unfortunately he came up short. After a fourth place in Sochi, White came back in Pyeongchang, with his eyes on one thing: gold. On his third and final run he accomplished his goal, following the performance with an emotional celebration.

The four time Olympian is a mentor for first time Olympian, 17 year old Red Gerard. Red was the favorite for the men’s slopestyle snowboarding competition, so needless to say the pressure was high. This pressure was only intensified when the 17 year old slept through his alarm on the day of his competition, and lost his coat that same morning, being forced to wear his teammates. All of the pressure and buildup only brought him success as he placed first in the event. Gerard beat out two Canadians who won second and third, one being Mark McMorris who endured an incredible comeback after a crash. The Gerard family drank in celebration of their boy’s Olympic gold. Gerard was not the only 17 year old tearing it up on his snowboard. America’s Chloe Kim has been breaking records on her journey to the top in the women’s halfpipe competition. After killing it on her first two runs Kim had already won gold. The final run of the competition was a victory lap for the champ, where she beat her own lead. With her proud father in the crowd, Kim had brought home gold to her family and country.

The United States had extreme success in many events other than snowboarding. Ice skating, skiing, and curling brought home medals of all types, making Americans and athletes proud of each performance at the legendary games.