Superbowl Preview

Lily Brickman, Sports Editor

For the past twelve months every football player in the National Football League has had one goal on their mind: winning the Super Bowl. After five months of injuries, trades, victories, and losses two teams will go head to head at US Bank stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Philadelphia Eagles are making their super bowl debut in hopes of bringing the franchise its first ever title. This will be a difficult task considering they are going against five time champion Tom Brady who leads his seasoned team into their second consecutive Super Bowl.


The Patriots are almost everyone’s Super Bowl favorite as they have only lost one Super Bowl game. In 2012 the New York Giants lead by quarterback Eli Manning faced off against the beasts of the AFC. Even though the Pats are notoriously known for being a comeback team, in this case they were not as lucky. The Giants won 21-17, giving Brady his first and only Super Bowl loss. Brady has 627 yards this season, accompanied with Danny Amendola’s 196 yards making the Pats an offensive nightmare. Brady hopes to acquire a sixth ring, because one hand is clearly not enough for him.


Many people were surprised at how far the the Eagles have come in the postseason. After fighting their way through to the NFC championship, they were the underdog taking on the Vikings. Quarterback Nick Foles was pitted to lose the game for his team, but this was far from the case. Philadelphia won the game 38-7, a reverse surprising blowout. The question on everyone’s mind is who will take the cup; will it be the comeback kids or the underdogs? The year’s last Sunday night football game is the only thing that can answer it