Ultimate Frisbee Catches On at Ramsey High

William Kennedy, Managing Editor

In November, Vermont became the first state to approve Ultimate Frisbee as a varsity sport for high schools, a long road for a sport started in 1968. Despite some challenges, like a lack of available professional referees in a sport famous for not having them, the state will support varsity teams starting in 2019. That means lined fields, regular sports schedules, and athletic recognition for students.


While Ultimate Frisbee started in New Jersey, the state’s high schools aren’t yet operating at Vermont’s level, but Ramsey High has its own Ultimate Frisbee club offering pick-up games after school. After a bit of a false start in 2015, 2017 saw Zachary Zimmer and Nick Benjung lead a club with regular meetings and games last fall. Games take elements of football, soccer, and basketball, all with a flying disc. Points are scored when the Frisbee is caught in the opposing team’s end zone, the disc is advanced through passes.


Meetings are on Thursday, and participation is open to all interested, no experience necessary, so come out and meet some new people and get some great exercise alongside this reporter who is also a member. In the future Zachary hopes to schedule a couple of regulation games against teams from nearby high schools.