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A Day for the Greats

Lily Brickman, Sports Editor

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Sunday, May 14th proved to be a special day for a lot of people around
the states. This is not just because of Mother’s Day, rather the Yankees and their thousands of fans dedicated the day to retired all star, Derek Jeter. The ceremony was held to retire his legendary number two, and honor his legacy.

Derek Jeter brought extreme success to the New York Yankee franchise.
His first year in the MLB, Jeter won rookie of the year, which set the statute for the remainder of his twenty year career. As a fourteen time all star, he maintained a dedicated work ethic which landed him as a captain of the Yankees for eleven years. This same hard work and leadership, in combination with raw talent, led Jeter to be a five time World Series Champion. With 3,465 career hits, the day was hardly enough to to pay homage to the success and impact Jeter brought to the team.

After sitting lavishly in retirement for three years, the player came out to
the field accompanied by his wife, sibling, parents and grandmother. His posse would not have been complete without old team managers and teammates who supported him and shaped his entire career. Jeter’s iconic number two saw its last day in pinstripes on September 28th, 2014 where he ended his career at rival Boston’s Fenway Park. The number was retired on May 14th, joining the Yankees other twenty retired numbers, his being the final single digit to be put to rest. The ceremony included an unveiling where the team revealed Jeter’s plaque that would be place in Monument Park, to honor his time in baseball. Additionally, Jeter received a one of a kind ring and Monument Park blazer.

Derek Jeter’s impact on the sport will be felt for years to come, but the
spirit of this day will last forever. Yankee fans around the nation watched in support as their captain was honored for what may be the last time. Yankee Stadium was lit up with gratitude and respect for the legendary short stop who helped define modern day baseball; though his number is retired, his legacy will continue.

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A Day for the Greats