Declaring a National Emergency for a Border Wall

Declaring a National Emergency for a Border Wall

Robert Taylor, Opinion Editor

Mr. Trump, our president, wants the United States to build a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States in order to stem the flow of illegal immigration to the United States. Throughout the presidential campaign of 2016 one of Mr. Trump’s major political promises was the building of this wall and now, two years into his presidency, he wants to make good on his promise.

Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, although his party, the Republicans, control the Senate, they do not control the House where they would need a majority of 435 Representatives to pass a bill allocating spending for a wall. Fortunately for those who want a wall, Mr. Trump is like a cockroach. Even when you think that there is no way that it can get out from under that cup, you see it chewing its way through the floor.

Even more fortunately for those who want a wall, Mr. Trump has a plan – or at least the threat of one: declare immigrants crossing the Mexican border a national emergency, which refers to a danger to the nation from foreign or domestic source. Mr. Trump would use the declaration as an excuse to have the military build a wall on said border. Based on a rough approximation of the number of times that Donald Trump has said “the wall just got 10 feet higher” and assuming the wall was 20 feet high to begin with, the wall will be 130 feet high. This is just high enough for Mr. Trump to stand atop it and pretend that he is Jon Snow.

Now, you may think that a 130 foot high wall along the 1,954 mile Southern Border of the United States would be expensive. Fear not! The wall would likely only cost at least 70 billion dollars to build and 150 million dollars a year to maintain! Considering how well funded most American schools are, how amazing our public infrastructure is, and how government projects are always completed on time and on budget, there is no reason for us not to build a wall!

You may be wondering: “you’ve just explained how building the wall makes financial sense, but don’t most of the people crossing the Mexican border illegally have a good reason for doing so?” Now, because I am an honest man, I must answer “yes.” Many of the immigrants fleeing South and Central American countries have credible reasons for doing so. However, even though the plights of millions of people should concern the government more than the feelings of one narcissistic man, that narcissistic man definitely won the electoral college and the popular vote and 10 million people attended his inauguration, so we should listen to him when he says all Mexicans are rapists and murderers.

I will now connect my many arguments for why we should build a wall to why Donald Trump should be able to declare and should declare a national emergency so he can build a wall. My logic is simple: because I am definitely correct and we do need a wall, even though no president has declared a national emergency for a similar purpose, the ends justify the means so even though declaring a national emergency would not be legal, what’s the big deal?