Amazon Takes On COVID-19

Nitya Chadha, Staff Writer

The dazzling Christmas trees, the stockings hung by the chimney with care, and of course, the malls packed with holiday shoppers are all images that would usually characterize the approaching season. However, due to the corona virus outbreak, the multinational technology company, Amazon has become Santas’ right hand man this year as shoppers flood the online retail service, instead of the malls. This increased use of Amazon is not a new phenomenon, as the delivery service has been widely employed since the start of the pandemic. In fact, as a result of the epidemic, e-commerce sales nearly doubled in May as the country went into lockdown.

The pandemic grew and local grocery stores encountered shortages of resources like hand sanitizers and facemasks, so people turned to Amazon for these basic necessities. As a result of the increased demand, Amazon was able to hire 175,000 new warehouse and delivery workers during the early months of the pandemic. This increased employment allows employees to be paid more since Amazon is making an increased profit during the pandemic. This means that the Amazon employees would be able to spend more as well, which in turn boosts the economy. Therefore, unlike many other industries that have been struggling, Amazon has been growing exponentially in sales and success.

This expansion is expected to continue as a result of the approaching holiday season. In fact, following the holidays, Amazon is predicted to exceed $100 billion in quarterly revenue in its fourth quarter. So the next time that you visit the Amazon website during this magical season of gift giving, remember that each time that you click the “add to cart” button, you are further establishing Amazon as the dominant online retail service of the 21st century.