Sean’s Farewell

Seans Farewell

Sean McGahan

As the end of our school year approaches, I still can’t believe that this is the end of our high school careers. This abrupt ending to the school year took many things away from us seniors such as our sports seasons, many end of the year activities, as well as graduation. With many of us not even knowing it, March 13th was our last day in the building. I know that I left the building that day hopeful that we would be back soon to see each other and finish out our senior year strong. While many things were taken from us, a pandemic can’t take away the great memories we all had during our 3.75 years of high school together. 

Trying new things was an immense part of my high school experience. After playing soccer and basketball in my freshman year, I reluctantly decided to join the track team in the spring. Little did I know, this would be one of my best decisions I made during my 4 years at RHS. Track practices were nothing short of grueling, but through all of the hard work I made some of my closest friends through the experience. Participating in both spring and winter track throughout most of my high school experience, I learned to get out of my comfort zone as well. Focusing on non-traditional events such as hurdles, triple jump, and others, I got very comfortable with trying new things. Next year, many of my fellow seniors and I will be leaving our comfort zone as we travel to different states and even countries to continue our education. 

I can think of the countless memories I have through experiences I only was able to accomplish through RHS. From being able to travel to both Atlanta and Orlando through the DECA trips, going to Tanzania for eighteen days with World Challenge, and even everyday experiences in the classroom, I tried to make the most out of every opportunity I got. I plan to take this same mentality forwards as I move on from high school and go to new places. 

To the class of 2020, while the end of our senior year did not go the way that we planned, we still experienced amazing things throughout our years in the building. However, being a student in the building is not what defines being a Ram. Being a Ram never stops as we will take what we learned in our four years of high school and go on to do great things beyond where we are now. I am grateful for the past 4 years, but I am even more excited to see what we all do in the future.