Sam Braun’s Farewell

Sam Braun's Farewell

Sam Braun

I would like to pose this question to the senior class: Truck or Jeep? On the first day of school I overheard someone asking this to another fellow classmate in the Rescue parking lot, wanting to know which rented vehicle they would like to pose in front of. I don’t know which one ended up on their Instagram page later that day.

Anyway, while in quarantine I’ve thought considerably about my time at Ramsey High School, and how for most of it, I just wanted to leave. Honestly speaking, I did not enjoy high school as much as that person in front of the Truck or the Jeep seemed to. And although we all had our highs and lows, Seasons 1-3 of my RHS experience often felt particularly lonely.

In such episodes, it was my teachers who brought light-hearted, meaningful, and inspiring scenes to the show. Since I can’t thank only a handful of teachers for such moments, I decided to compile a list of some of my most fond memories. Here they are.

“I’ve been worse.” Two 10/10 books about California. Carrots! Psychological counseling, dream analysis included. ¿Qué es — en español? Sí. Cryptocurrency? No bueno. Our god-awful physics classroom and the somehow more chaotic office across the hallway. China. China. China. How can I not mention GoT? Did I say China? …My hair has been discussed a surprising amount of times… So many hallway conversations. Depression on the 3rd Floor—our social institutions never cease to disappoint me. The math and social studies departments! I apologize for bothering you all so, so many times throughout the day! Sam-building! Special shoutouts to Mrs. Alcaide, Mrs. Kilday, and Mrs. Palko for more than four years of non-stop counseling, in every sense of the word. Having an apple in my hand. Like, all the time.

By the premier of Season 4, in great thanks to such incredible people, a much more optimistic vibe was in the air. Some key, pre-quarantine highlights from the year include the following.

Picky, my trash-picker: thank you for cleaning up life’s messes, mine and others. Our Debate Team… we’re still the champions…? The Braun-Braun-Bourke administration came to a (successful?) close. Philosophiles! Ha! To the Connelly-Watters and the Taylors, I hope I was at least somewhat helpful—Algebra really is amazing though. And the magnificent Bus, the white 2018 Mazda CX-5 with a 2020 Elizabeth Warren bumper sticker and almost racist license plates that could! Thanks for “zip-zap-zooming” us to Prospect by 7:10 each morning. Our SSS’s (Spontaneous Sam Swerves) will always be regretted.

In usual fashion, much like wearing that navy blue lighthouse sweatshirt, I need to bring myself back to my main point. In high school, we all had our ups and downs, moments when we felt awkward and situations made awkward by others. All of us convinced ourselves to fit in where we thought we belonged. Did we have to lie to others to remain in place? Likely. Did we lie to ourselves just as much? I would say so. Do we really know ourselves more today than we did four years ago? TBD.

Given my track record with spending my free time with others, and compounded with that funny thing called coronavirus, I have absolutely no clue when I will see you all again. Maybe never! After all, I am finally leaving Ramsey in a more bittersweet way than I ever expected. Well, until we somehow meet again, I thank RHS for giving me four years to start to understand myself, and once post-quarantine footage has begun, I hope we all have incredible Season 5’s next year.

So, Truck or Jeep? I’m perfectly content with Bus.