Margaux’s Farewell

Margauxs Farewell

Margaux Bouniol

Looking back, it doesn’t seem like a lot has changed since I entered Ramsey High School. But when I really think about it, so much has changed. I really used my time at RHS to figure out who I am through participating in countless clubs, activities, and courses. This has allowed me to understand my passions and pursue them in my future.

As a student, I definitely experimented with different classes trying to figure out what I liked. I quickly learned I was not overly-talented in the arts or extremely interested in programming. It wasn’t until I started taking honors and AP math courses and AP statistics that I realized I might actually be that one nerd that likes math even if it has been one of my worst classes for the past three years. Most of my math classes have consisted of me asking way too many questions and essentially having one on one conversations with Mr. Walker, Frange or Mrs. Gaffney in front of the rest of the class.

But this realization didn’t stop me from learning about my other interests. I discovered how deeply I cared about the planet through my AP environmental science course, my love for art was actually rekindled through my ceramics class, I almost went to school for psychology after taking Alcaide’s course, and I even learned I actually am surprisingly good at woodworking thanks to woodshop. 

An underrated activity at RHS is the foreign exchange student program we offer. I have hosted both a German student and a French student in my time here, as well as brought my French cousin to school with me a few times. It was through learning about other cultures that I became confident enough to enroll in a college in Europe. I know I will always have friends abroad, and I can truly let my passion for travelling thrive. 

High school was truly a time for trying out new things for me. One prime example being my joining color guard. As a freshman, I didn’t even know what color guard was. I simply watched the halftime show at my first football game with my friend and was stunned when I saw the beautiful flag tosses that accompanied the show. Joining the color guard team was my first time being a part of a real team. I loved my team members, went to pasta parties, bonded with my coaches, and got in a very good workout. I am so happy I didn’t let my fear of “being a band kid” stand in my way of finding something I loved.

Then there are the clubs. I really did not realize how passionate someone could be about their few clubs until I finally joined. One that I consider to be my baby is the Gay Straight Alliance. I joined as a freshman, and will graduate as its President. This club is all about community and creates a group of students and teachers that will always be there for each other. Similarly, there is Gen21, a club that I have been a part of since its creation. This is the club where we can discuss real issues, and I love that so much. The Ram, of course, will always hold a special place in my heart. I never thought I would be an editor until my lord and savior, our editor-and-chief, Nicole convinced me to apply. Good luck to Bobby and Patty Dubs with replacing me! 

RHS introduced me to some new friends, strengthened some relationships with my old friends, and, of course, taught me I’d be better off without some friends. Though there will always be high school drama no matter where you go, I never felt alone at RHS. In the end, I am perfectly happy with my group of friends, and I am going to miss them so, so much. 

No quarantine will take away the memories that have already been made, the friendships that have already formed, and the success I have already achieved. I may be locked in my house instead of going to my prom, but I still met my friends, bonded with my exchange students, ran 3 clubs, achieved honor roll/high honor roll for four years, did color guard for three seasons, and built one hell of a chair for woodshop. 

So thank you RHS, for allowing me to be me. Thank you to the “Madames” that listened to my constant complaining. Thank you to all of my math and science teachers for letting me ask the stupid questions, even if you claim there aren’t any. Thank you to my English and history teachers that dealt with my constant need for edits and revisions. Thanks to all of the teachers and club advisors that encouraged me to try new things and to be myself. Thank you to Mrs. Beslow who helped me navigate the labyrinth that is applying to European universities. Thank you to the administration and staff that created this loving school. Thank you Ramsey High School, for all that you have done for me. It is with a heavy heart that I sign off as Entertainment Editor and say this final phrase: Go Rams!