Town Council Election

Patrick Chambers, Staff Writer

It’s that time of year again, political yard signs are cropping up on the curbs of Ramsey, adjacent to the leaf piles and Halloween decorations that line the streets at this time of year. In this cycle, Councilman Harry Weber, a republican, is running for re-election to the council and is the only incumbent on the ballot this year. Completing the Republican ticket is Jane Woods, running for Council after many years of service in local government, most recently on the Board of Adjustments for the town. Their Democratic Challengers are Jason Farrar and Amanda Nokes.


Both Farrar and Nokes are actively involved in the Ramsey Community and both are the parents of Ramsey High School students. In August, Nokes and Woods appeared at the Women in Politics Forum at the Ramsey library, and I was able to hear what they had to say. Both Nokes and Woods focused on positivity in politics and it was evident that both candidates care deeply about our local community and are eager to work to better our town. On Monday, October 7, all four candidates again appeared at the Ramsey Library in order to participate in the Council debate, although due to scheduling conflicts I was unable to attend, I was still able to watch the debate. All candidates handled themselves with poise and were able to answer the questions honestly and in full. The questions focused on the town and it was again clear that whoever is elected will serve the town well. As always, it’s important for anyone seeking election in a small suburban town that any candidate strives to maintain civility and focus on bipartisanship, especially in these turbulent political times. I was therefore impressed with the level of respect shown towards each other from both sets of candidates throughout the campaign thus far.


No matter who wins, life will continue along and Ramsey will still be a great place to live. Come the second week of November, the yard signs and fanfare will once again recede into the attics and garages of Ramsey, and will, unlike this year, have to share the spotlight with the presidential election this time next year.