Degrees Deferred by War, Finally Conferred


John Schaus and George Halik

It might have taken more than seventy years, but the class of 2019 was honored by the addition of two new members as World War II veterans John Schaus and George “Dutch” Halik finally received the degrees they would have earned had they not left to defend our nation in World War II.

The degrees were awarded as part of a program on November 7th in honor of Veteran’s Day, where veterans of major American wars including World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan came in to speak to History classes and members of the History Club about their experiences. The speakers, in addition to Schaus and Halik, included Charles Nakoniecz, Thomas Coulter, John Rigg, and Kevin Reilly.

All of the veterans spoke about their experiences in the wars that they served in, shared personal stories about their time in Ramsey, their time at war, and then were able to talk with students and staff about their experiences. Each veteran brought different stories with them about what it was like for them, and how they felt their time in the service was meaningful and helped shaped the person they are. The veterans inspired many, as they truly conveyed the bravery that it took to go to the front lines of warfare. It can be certain that meeting that took place will be remembered by many as a wonderful opportunity to communicate with those who made a great sacrifice, and may serve as an inspiration to join the service themselves.