Big Blue Marching Band Show “Out of Chaos” Was Anything but Chaotic

Alexa Austin, Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 16th, the Ramsey High School’s Big Blue Marching Band took the field at their first competition of the season. For the first time in many years the marching band put all three movements of their show “Out of Chaos” on the field for their competition. It was also one of the first times the class of 2021 marched on the field. The show, which is based on the Greek Myths of Gaea, Chaos, and Eros, was anything but chaotic.
For many of the band’s members, this will be their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year marching
in one of these productions. These veteran marchers, as well as the freshman, felt a bit
nervous. However, they still managed to perform the show. As Connor Paul, a member of the band’s drumline, remarks, “There were a few visuals that I thought I would forget, but it all turned out pretty well.” As for the seventeen freshman, it was their first time ever performing on the field in competition. Warren Trent, a 9th grader who plays the bass clarinet, states that “Walking into the competition I was a little nervous, but my feelings straightened out once we finished our rehearsal, and I realized we were all in it together.”
Prior to the competition this weekend, Big Blue spent many hours preparing. Many of the band members sacrificed numerous other obligations in order to rehearse. Students rushed to the Thursday night rehearsals from sports games, gave up vacations in order to attend band camp, and missed out on family events in order to make it to the rehearsals. Band Camp, which took place from August 7th to the 11th, was also a time where the students spent long, tiring days learning the show. While Big Blue does not practice nearly as much as other schools do, the 3 hour rehearsals on Thursday nights and the Monday night rehearsals for the percussion and guard sections are run very efficiently, which helps to keep the band’s winning streak.
All the hard work paid off on Saturday night when Big Blue won second place with a score of 79.85, coming second to West Orange High School. The members were ecstatic when the Drum Majors returned from the awards. As the majors Julia Tokish, Jack Kramer, and Kaitlyn Pierpont ran from one group of members to the next, the band burst into a conglomeration of congratulatory shouts.