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Egypt from the Eyes of Egyptians 2017 Part 2

Sarah Eldib, Managing Editor

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A Continuation of Egypt from the Eyes of Egyptians Part 1

In Egypt, a country of over 90 million, Dina, Jaylan and Nour have seen various turning points that have taken place in post-revolution Egypt affecting their daily lives.

Dina, Jaylan, and Nour are usually busy on the weekdays. Dina, a nursery school teacher, and Jaylan, a translator and copywriter, are living through the continuities and changes of Egyptian society inside and outside their homes. After Jaylan and Dina’s workday is over, they spend time with their parents, Gihan and Salah, or hang out with close friends. One of Dina’s good friends is Agnieszka, who is Polish and works alongside with Dina as well. Gihan and Salah are politically attentive and have protested against Morsi in Sidi Gaber Square. During the weekdays, Gihan, along with the help of her children and husband, runs errands and takes care of her mother.

For many Egyptians, not only did the Palm Sunday Terrorist attacks affect their environments socially, but the attacks also brought a nation-wide feeling of sadness and mourning.

In post-revolution Egypt, however, safety and terrorism aren’t the only topics of discussion. In fact, contemporary Egypt has seen continuities and changes in gender roles and the status of women in society. Additionally, while all of these social continuities and changes are occurring, the Egyptian economy also comes into the picture as a defining factor of Egypt’s current state.

A busy day at the Qaitbey Castle in Alexandria, Egypt.


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Egypt from the Eyes of Egyptians 2017 Part 2