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First Ramsey Street Fair Brings Residents and Local Businesses Together

Lily Flood, Staff Writer

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On May 7th, 2017, Ramsey’s Main Street transformed into a downtown cultural hub, complete with delicious food, catchy music, trendy clothes, and gorgeous jewelry. Although the weather that Sunday afternoon was not optimal for an outdoor fair, it did not seem to stop the town from enjoying all of the businesses that Ramsey has to offer. Despite the wind, rain, and fifty-degree temperature, Ramsey residents turned out in staggering numbers, just as many as there would have been if it was seventy degrees and sunny.

The fair occupied the entire length of Main Street, beginning next to Giovanna’s Cafe and continuing past Ramsey High School. Packed with a variety of clothing vendors, unique food trucks, and Ramsey’s many small businesses, the market provided something for everyone to enjoy. One such stall was the Guac Spot truck, which sold fresh guacamole as well as other avocado-inspired foods, such as avocado toast, one of this year’s most popular health trends.

Additionally, the fair allowed for people of all ages in the town and in surrounding towns that utilize Ramsey’s services to come together in support of the places that provide for them. The rides on the high school’s front lawn provided fun activities for children, while clothing vendors and sophisticated food trucks appealed to the adult demographic. Senior citizens, adults, teenagers, toddlers, and babies all found something that could entertain them on one single street.

Ramsey High School students who attended the event greatly enjoyed the fair and praised its diverse selection of goods. Kaeli Brennan said, “It was nice to see the town coming together to celebrate and have fun,” continuing on to compliment the delicious cannoli she got from Giovanna’s Cafe, her favorite local restaurant. Senior Danielle Laino added, “It was really cool and had a lot of diverse vendors. They should incorporate some of these stands into Ramsey Day.”

After the first ever Ramsey Street Fair was found to be such a success, the town has been discussing organizing yearly fairs, as well as similar events in the fall. Events such as these strengthen the relationship between the community and its establishments, providing a venue for small, local businesses to gain exposure and sell their goods to consumers in the area.

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First Ramsey Street Fair Brings Residents and Local Businesses Together