Annual District Wide Art Show Celebrates Student Achievement


Jack Kramer, News Editor

On May 9th and 10th, Ramsey residents flocked to the Ramsey High School Mitchell Gym for the annual district visual arts show. The gym was transformed into an art gallery, displaying the works of Ramsey students from grades one through twelve. For the past decade, Ramsey has dedicated two spring nights for the art show, a celebration of the artwork that has been created by the students throughout the year.

Ramsey district art teachers from all five schools helped organize the art show. Throughout the year, they had selected specific pieces of work from their students to exhibit at the show, choosing art that exemplified the purpose of the project. “We wanted to highlight the different projects that happen at the different grade levels and in the various high school courses,” explained Mrs. Calogero-LaNeve. The goal of the art show is not only to exhibit the art, but to encourage more students to appreciate and take part in art classes within the district.

This year, the faculty altered the art show and its structure from years past. “One of the biggest things for us this year was that we wanted the students to have a larger role,” added Mrs. Calogero-LaNeve. The Graphic Design and Commercial Arts class designed the poster that promoted the show throughout the district, and students were heavily involved in the process of setting up for the exhibit. Not only were they allowed to display their artwork, students also wrote artist statements providing information and backstory that were shown alongside their projects. “This year we focused on giving the students the opportunity to share their creative process and how they came up with the ideas and concepts of their art, which I think is really important,” explained Mrs. Calogero-LaNeve

As in years past, seniors who plan on majoring in art in college were given sections to feature the many projects they have completed throughout the year. Ramsey senior Janani Suriyanarayanan, who plans to study architecture at Syracuse University in the fall, discussed her display at the art show this year. “I’ve loved art for as long as I can remember, and I have been involved with the art show since fourth grade. It’s amazing to see how much I have grown since then and to be able to put my art on display.” Janani exhibited multiple pieces that she has created during her time at Ramsey High School for the community to see. “I loved getting feedback and hearing about how much people appreciated my art,” shared Janani. Other seniors highlighted include Katie Paik, who is majoring in communication design and liberal arts, Ali Farrar, who plans to study industrial design, and Sophia D’Angelo, who is majoring in art education.

Another addition to the art show was the interactive project titled, “Together We Can Soar.” In the hallway, visitors of the art show were invited to color a blank feather, which was then added to the bulletin board near the Mitchell gym to create two wings. “The rest of the faculty and I wanted something for people to do, and we thought what better way to incorporate guests than to have a collaborative project?” shared Mrs. Calogero-LaNeve. The project was a success, bringing the community together through art.

The annual district arts show helps foster an appreciation and interest in the arts, this year especially with the high level of student involvement. “I love seeing younger kids coming and viewing the artwork, especially the senior pieces,” added Mrs. Calogero-LaNeve, “They come and see the full range of projects and look forward to taking art in the future. That is definitely my favorite part about the show.” As a result of the art show, the community is given the opportunity to recognize the work of Ramsey students and develop a greater understanding of the arts.