Mock Trial Team Extends Season to the Second Half of the Year

Jack Kramer, Staff Writer

Since its inception, the Ramsey High School Mock Trial team has only been in session from September to January. This year, Mock Trial club head Mr. Willever has extended it to the second half of the school year due to its many benefits and student enthusiasm.

“Mock Trial is a great way to gain exposure to the law,” says Lexi Evangel, a junior who has been a member of the Mock Trial club since seventh grade, “I’m excited to get more experience as a trial attorney during the rest of the year.” By continuing Mock Trial year round, Mr. Willever hopes to strengthen the Mock Trial program and maintain the passion and interest that he has seen in the participating students.

Continuing the club allows students who were unable to take part in the competition season to get involved for the remainder of the year. During the second half of the year, the members of the Mock Trial team are focused more on increasing their knowledge and understanding of the law and less on winning competitions. The club is looking forward to working together during the remainder of the school year and expanding their knowledge of law and its practice.

Mock Trial provides students with an interesting and immersive look into the intricacies of the American legal system. It is presented with a realistic court case that is inspired by actual, everyday cases that deal with common legal issues, including assault, theft, and defamation. After studying the legal ideas and processes associated with their case, students then take on roles such as attorneys and witnesses and develop case theories and strategies. For the second half of the year, Mr. Willever and the members of the team have decided to work on a case dealing with a woman who shot her husband due to domestic abuse. The club does not plan to compete with other schools, as the official competition season has ended, and is instead choosing to focus on working through the case as a team.

This year, the Ramsey Mock Trial team made it through the preliminary rounds to the semifinals, something it has never been accomplished before. “What I want is for the students to take on new roles and develop more understanding of the law,” Mr. Willever explains, “Hopefully the team will continue to grow, become more cohesive, and understand each other strengths and weaknesses.”