Prom Expands to New Venue

Nicole Chiu, Entertainment Editor

On Friday, April 26, 2013 Ramsey High School held its annual junior and senior prom. The night was splendid as usual, with many student attendees dressed up to spend the evening with their friends. However, this year varied greatly from years in the past; the longtime venue of the Ramsey prom was changed. Due to an increasing number of students expressing an interest in prom and some complaints about the old venue, the committee broke tradition and set a new precedent for future proms.

For years Ramsey’s prom had always been held at the Woodcliff Lake Hilton, with minimal issues. It was only in more recent years that the space began to feel more cramped. As more and more students attend RHS, naturally more students will go to prom. Essentially, Ramsey grew out of the Hilton and Ms. DeSantis, who coordinated the prom this year, sought to find a more accommodating space. She settled on the beautiful Rockleigh Country Club, which is known to host numerous private events and weddings. The Rockleigh is a large venue that allowed students to enjoy themselves in comfort. It even extended the available space for students to mingle to an outside area, with color-changing fountains and an abundance of spots to take pictures and relax. Senior Jeff Hirsch, who attended prom both his junior and senior year, says: “The Rockleigh was much more professional than the old venue, and there was a lot more space to move around. It was also nice to have the option of going outside.” The new venue received positive feedback from all of the attendees on both its size and aesthetic features.

Another main complaint about the Hilton was the food served there. At the Rockleigh, students enjoyed a high quality of food and even a formal cocktail hour. Many students felt that the food was a highlight of the night, and was a drastic change from what used to be served in previous years. With this better quality came an increase in price of the prom tickets, but this did not deter many students from attending the prom. Junior Tristan Heffler went to prom at both the Hilton and the Rockleigh, and when asked about the change she responded, “It was a completely different atmosphere. The food was amazing and was definitely worth paying the higher price.”

Overall, every student enjoyed the prom and the new venue was a hit. The beauty and space of the Rockleigh fit Ramsey’s growing student body perfectly, and the food more than surpassed expectations. Hopefully this year, with prom moving from the Hilton to the Rockleigh is the first of a lasting Ramsey High School tradition.