The Ram Jams: The Competition Continues

Neil Mukherjee


The Ram Jams are training nonstop for the ICHSA (International Championship of High School A Cappella) as the week of the 16th approaches. This competition comprises a variety of music tunes that are unique to the Ram Jams. With the concert reaching us at a rapid pace, Songs like Growing Pains have been picked by the Ram Jams. Growing pains implies that ones are growing in suffering, and it gives people something to blame their emotions on, even if it was only the growing pains. This song illustrates the progression of life and how, while there may be difficult times in life, it is always vital to overcome them.

Additionally, the Ram Jams will be singing and dancing to Runaway, a beautiful song about escaping one’s worries. Finally, the Ram Jams will perform Muna’s I Know a Place. The Ram Jams are not only singing this song, but they are also choreographing it. The Ram Jams had previously participated in the Winter Competition, when they sang beautiful songs like Mary Did You Know (Pentatonix Cover) and The World For Christmas. The Ram Jams had been hard at work on these tunes for weeks, and their performances were incredible.

The Ram Jams have what it takes to be successful; this band is made up of a diverse group of skilled individuals that excel at what they do. Even though things have been difficult recently, especially with the viral omnicorent variety, the Ram Jams are still rehearsing and fighting to do what they love. The return of the contagious disease has slowed things down, but the Ram Jams are still fighting, demonstrating the importance of this group. The Winter Concert which was performed in December was a huge success all when this virus was spreading. With the concert approaching, the Ram Jams have been preparing for about two hours every day, singing and dancing for three of their songs that will be performed on January 22, 2022.