Ariana Grande Arrives at a new “Position”

Patrick Chambers, Entertainment Writer

It seems that in our current crazy year, there are really only two certainties: Politics will get even more insane, and Ariana Grande will release another album. Seeing as 2020 is finally drawing to a close, yet another one of Grande’s albums is awaiting the masses. Following the back-to-back releases of Sweetener in August 2018 and Thank U Next in February 2019, many were not anticipating another album so soon after the preceding smash successes that both hit Number 1 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the United States. Stoking anticipation and grabbing the attention of the internet, Grande began this cycle by teasing new projects ahead over the weekend of the 17th, which instantly sparked chatter among devoted fans and listeners. Eventually, confirmation was received that pinned the date of a new release for Friday, October 30th, much to the shock of fans and watchers alike, given the short amount of time between the announcement and the release. On October 21st, Grande took to Instagram to announce the name of the first single, “Positions”, off of her new yet-to-be named album. The song, which was made available for streaming everywhere at 12:00 AM on Friday, October 23rd, will be followed one week later by the release of the album itself. The artwork for the single was released on Instagram (@arianagrande) on Wednesday, October 21, and depicts Grande, the top of her face cut off, in a vintage inspired outfit, overlaid by a pastel blue finish. Several hours later, Grande released a video animation of the cover, with a distorted audio playing, presumed to be the song itself. With mere hours until the single would be released and only a week until the premier of the full album, anticipation among the public was growing, with all posts related to the album gaining millions of likes on Instagram. Although the name of the album is not yet public, it is certain to achieve success in the charts and may even  hit Number 1, which would make this Grande’s third consecutive chart-topping album. Despite the limited information available, the excitement among fans is palpable, and it is all but assured that several singles from the album will rule the radio for the finale of 2020. In what has been an otherwise miserable year for most, new music continues to be released to an eager audience, and Grande is poised to continue this trend.