The Politician Netflix Series Review

Karen, Staff Writer

“We promise you all kinds of collusion.” The new Netflix series The Politician was released on September 27 and created by Ryan Murphy, an American producer, director, and screenwriter. Murphy is well-known for creating and producing shows such as American Horror Story, Glee, and Pose. The show stars many well known actors and actresses, such as Gwyneth Paltrow (the goddess herself), Ben Platt, Zoey Deutch, Laura Dreyfuss and Lucy Boynton. 

The show focuses on Payton Hobart, (Ben Platt), who is adopted into a wealthy family. Payton has always had strong ambitions and, since the age of 7, knew he wanted to become the president of the United States. By studying and researching past presidents, Payton decided he wanted to go to Harvard and consequently surrounded every aspect of his life around this one goal. A big part of his plan, according to Payton, is becoming student body president. Archnemesis, Astrid Sloan, played by Lucy Boynton, was born into a wealthy family that expects her to be perfect. She dates Payton’s former love interest River Barkley, portrayed by David Corenswet, taking his place running for student body president after Barkley’s passing. 

As you watch the first two episodes, lots of unexpected information and situations are thrown at you. This all comes together as you watch the season unfold. An example of this is when it’s time to choose a vice president and everything starts to go down hill. Payton has his eye on Infinity Jackson, (Zoey Deutch), a girl who has leukemia and many other medical conditions. He gets invited to dinner by Infinity’s mother to discuss how Infinity will she benefit from this. And, in a turn of events that we would consider shocking, her grandmother wants an all paid cruise trip. 

    As the show moves on, Astrid finds out that she is losing votes and appoints strong and independent Skye (Rahne Jones) as her vice president. Astrid uses this in her speech in front of the whole school by saying “Saint Sebastian high school needs a first female president and vice president.” Payton sees this as a huge problem so he uses his friend James to sabotage Astrid by giving her a USB with fake information about Payton’s next campaign move. When Astrid the next day uses the fake campaign information, Payton uses it as an opportunity to announce his major project, helping him win the majority of the school’s vote. That’s until, Astrid goes missing as soon has the project comes to fruition. 


    As all the horrifying scandals are revealed throughout the final episodes we learn that Payton has given up on his dreams toward becoming president of the United States and going to Harvard. Now, as a drunk working at a bar and singing, Payton is reunited with two old friends from high school who help him with his addiction to alcohol and help him realize what he is meant to do in the world