Ramsey “Big Blue” Homeshow

Natalie Johnson, Staff Writer

On Saturday, September 28th, Ramsey High School’s “Big Blue” Marching Band took the
field for their home competition. The “Colors In Motion” Home Show has been a longstanding
tradition at Ramsey High School. Traditionally, for one Saturday in late September, bands of all
sizes and talents compete by performing a themed marching show. This year, over 15 bands
competed for the first place. The fact that each band ranged from 30 to 160 members made the
competition exciting. Additionally, the scoring was based on technique, sound, coordination and
marching ability, which made the competition extremely competitive.

Their performance is based on the song ‘Toxic’ by Britney Spears. Therefore, to match
the theme, there are barrels with toxic logos, fabric that is supposed to resemble green slime, and
caution tape. The color guard runs around the field with yellow caution tape and the green fabric.
Furthermore, the band spends many hours rehearsing the show. Concentration and focus
are key ingredients. The success of this hard-working band all comes from the weekly practices.
It took a significant amount of time to get where Big Blue is today. The pit, guard, and drum line
practice twice a week, while the whole band rehearses during school and Thursday nights. While
working hard to achieve their goal, every practice they’ve developed new skills to make their
band a success. Therefore, not surprisingly, Ramsey’s marching band took 1st place in their class
with a score of 85. With a score of 85, the band accomplished a lot but also allowed room to