And Now We Wait… Anticipating the 2020 Spring Musical!

Nicole Choi, Staff Writer

As December rolls around, everyone at RHS is anticipating Mr. Gipple’s announcement of this year’s Spring Musical. The entirety of Ramsey High School always find ways to get involved with such a big event. People spend months practicing and working on their talents to make the spring musical an experience of a lifetime. Serena Badilla, a junior who is thinking of auditioning for the musical, shares her thoughts on the experience. “It’s honestly a fun time for everyone. I look forward to auditions this year because that’s where the journey starts. Once rehearsals begin, I can spend time with the people I love in the activity I love: singing.” Hoping for the best, Serena cannot wait for the winter.

Being in the cast is not the only way to get involved. Current senior Katy Dinning  mentions how she never regretted being a part of the accompanying orchestra for the musical. Every week she stayed extra hours after school with other musicians and Mr. Bialkin, practicing and perfecting her playing. She states how “I was always excited to go to rehearsal. It was so much fun getting to see how everything – the instruments, singing, and dancing – all came together!” There’s even opportunities for people to get involved without music. The RHS Stage Crew never fails to build and paint the perfect backgrounds and structures for the musical. Mr. Chrisafis helps student members build and paint everything. Everyone is super excited about this year’s show. From singers to engineers, RHS provides an opportunity to all to contribute to the production. Now, we wait for Mr. Gipple’s announcement. Let’s get pumped for the 2020 Ramsey High School Spring Musical!