The Release, or Lack Thereof, of the New Kanye Album


Francis Gamil, Staff Writer

Kanye West is said to be releasing another album called Jesus is King and critics are peeved and skeptical. West is exploring a new evangelical genre that will feature no profanity. Could this album make Kanye stronger or could he lose his musical power? I know – so funny – but we are just getting started. 


Kanye West’s new album will have no cursing, which is something that came off as a surprise to some. West is straying away from his routine and is announcing that he’s done making secular music, meaning he will be incorporating religion into his music. So, profanity will not be included in this, or future, albums. This is a surprise because most of the songs that made him famous incorporated tons of profanity. For example, his most popular song “Gold Digger” used some pretty interesting lyrics. 


However, this change wasn’t a complete surprise. Kanye has been known to have exclusive Sunday services featuring evangelical remixes of his music and previews of any upcoming new music. He even previewed the album Jesus is King at the service. These Sunday services seem to bring out the best in Kanye as he is shown smiling and vibing to the music. 


This Jesus is King album was first teased by his wife, Kim Kardashian, with a picture on twitter. It was meant to be released on September 27th but was then delayed to September 29th. Fans were left confused and angry. Eventually, September 29th passed and here we are left waiting with no album. To fans’ dismay, Kanye has been very vague on the release date. It is evident that he hasn’t been shy in expressing his feelings, as shown in the 2009 VMA interruption, for instance. All that we know is that the album is technically finished. Perhaps he is still fine-tuning the songs so they’ll be perfect?


As these delays roll-out, fans are starting to get a sense of déjà vu and are wondering if the album is even going to be released. Back in September of 2018, Kanye announced the release of another album called Yandhi. This album was meant to be released on September 29 but was delayed over and over again. The delays became so constant that Kanye fans joke about the whole ordeal. To this day, Yandhi has yet to come out and is supposedly a “dead project.” Right now, Kanye seems to have more interest in Jesus is King. Let’s just hope that Jesus is King doesn’t suffer the same fate as Yandhi.