The Best Places to Eat in Town!

Alexa Austin, News Editor

One of the best things about Ramsey High School is the new opportunities. One of those being the ability to go off campus for lunch. The options are endless and sometimes overwhelming. So, instead of heading to Anthony Francos every day, here are the best places in town to eat (and some good deals too)!


Are you in the mood for a good panini? Then check out the Mindful Cafe. It is only a short walk from the high-school. They also have a 20% off discount for students, so make sure you bring your ID! Smoothies are also a great way to refuel, so check out Lettuce Inn, Blended, or the Mindful Cafe to get one. Speaking of Blended, they also have delicious smoothie bowls. One of my favorites is the Nutella Madness bowl. It is filled with nutella, bananas, strawberries, and granola. If you are willing to call ahead, Ramsey Corner Cafe has a whole menu that is full of student discounts, with great food from burgers to sandwiches to soups.  If you are looking for bagels, B&G is a great place to look. You can almost always find any type of bagel, as well as pasta salads, sandwiches, and even empanadas! Finally, some more well-known places to eat are Starbucks, Subway, and Anthony Francos. Happy eating!