Join a Club!

Margaux Bouniol, Entertainment Editor

Freshmen! Come one, come all to the amazing array of clubs offered by the Ramsey High School Community! Many people think clubs can be unnecessary and tedious, but I am here to assure you that they are the exact opposite. Clubs are the perfect way to immerse yourself into various subjects that maybe you are too scared to commit to in a classroom setting, or aren’t even offered in our classes to start. Clubs are there for you, especially freshmen, to explore. They range from Robotics to after school choir, low commitment to high, and span every possible size.


Clubs are a great way to introduce yourself into a small community where the students learn from each other. You can develop leadership roles later in your high school career as well. For example, I started out my freshman year as a general club member of the Gay Straight Alliance. Come senior year, you are reading the words of the President of what is one of, if not the best, club in the school. This position has taught me the importance of communication and responsibility; not to mention it looks pretty great on a college application.


What clubs should you join? Everything. Don’t just isolate your options around what you already know you love. Try something new! Throughout high school I was incredibly academically focused and not in touch with my artistic side at all. So yes, I joined the Math League and had a great time, but I also joined the Art Club: a basic, introductory club where we do simple and fun art projects! Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box.


Be mindful when signing up for clubs as well. Watch out for the commitment of certain things. Writing for The Ram, for example, can range from being a regular Staff Writer (one of the best things to do in your entire high school career, might I add), or just submitting one article you are very proud of. The Debate Club, which involves travelling to other schools to compete in different and exciting debates, may be slightly higher commitment, but still a rewarding experience. Some clubs may have mandatory attendance quotas, where others follow the age-old adage “you either show up, or you don’t.”


So when the activity fair rolls around, don’t be shy. Sign up for anything that is interesting to you. After attending one or two meetings, determine which clubs you are most passionate about. You are not legally binded to any club after signing up, so just go for it! There is nothing holding you back, froshies. As Thoreau essentially said, “I went to [high school] because I wished to [try new things] … and not, when I came to [graduate], discover that I had not [gotten to do that because I hadn’t joined any clubs].”