Introducing the New NHS Study Center

Sam Braun, Opinion Editor

Starting this October, all incoming Freshmen will have access to high quality tutors who can help you with every subject, are available every day, and—best of all—they are completely free of charge. Welcome to the NHS Tutoring Center.


Our high school has a student organization called the National Honors Society (or simply NHS). NHS is made up of the most academically talented upperclassmen who want to help their community in various ways. One of these ways is through the tutoring center.


The NHS Tutoring Center is a tutoring program that takes place every day in the library. An NHS member will be there every lunch period, as well as the middle timeblocks in the morning and afternoon (timeblocks 2 and 5 on your schedule).


We can help you with every class you are taking this year. Every day, there will be help for:

  • Math (all levels)
  • Science (Geo Science, Bio, Chem)
  • History (World History, US History I and II)
  • English (all levels)
  • Foreign Language (Spanish, French, Chinese, Latin)


The NHS upperclassmen remember how stressful the transition into high school can be. On top of sports, club meetings, and other commitments you may have, not understanding a lesson or being confused before a test should not be an option. That’s why we are here for you, during every lunch and middle timeblock of the day. You will have no more tutoring bills, a better understanding of your subject, and confidence to ace every class.