Freshman Soccer Shows Promising Success


Emma Kunz, Sports Editor/Photo Editor

From the moment the starting whistle blew, it was clear the lady Rams would dominate possession in their afternoon game against Rutherford at Ramsey’s Wesley D. Tisdale Elementary School. In the first fifteen minutes, quick and accurate ball movement accompanied by a sense of team unity led the Rams to two decisive goals. By the end of the match, five team members had contributed toward Ramsey’s winning score of 4-0. Goal scorer Abby Kunz was assisted by Ella Randazzo, Taylor Wallace was assisted twice by Maddie Smith, and Maddie Smith was assisted by Hayley Mooney. The team was consistent in their technically sound footwork, fast-paced playing style, aggressive tone, and constant communication, which stemmed largely from the defensive end. Very few balls managed to get around the tenacious back line, and those that did were quickly captured by goalies Lily Dinning and Anastasia Burns.


The team’s strong defensive performance on all areas of the field was quickly recognized by forward Maddie Smith. “We do a really great job taking the ball from defense to offense by connecting passes,” she noted. “We are very consistent with how we manage our patterns up and down the field. Overall, we have really come together and helped one another to succeed.”


Success didn’t stop at the defenders. However, as the Ramsey midfielders aided in the ball’s movement up the field, they looked to set up the forwards with sharp leading passes around Rutherford’s defenders. As the tenacious forwards received the ball, they were constantly looking to put it away in the net or set fellow teammates up for an even better chance at doing so. Many of the girls agreed when reflecting on their performance, noting that trust, accountability, and an unbreakable bond, on and off the field, was an asset unique to the Ramsey family. “We always have each other’s backs” noted defender Abby Kunz. “Win as a team, lose as a team, we’re there for each other through thick and thin.”