Killer Queen movie Bohemian Rhapsody certainly delivers


Patrick Chambers, Staff Writer

Upon first viewing the trailer for Bohemian Rhapsody, this past summer, I was already extremely excited for the film. I’ve always been a fan of rock music in general, with Queen being a personal favorite, especially the albums Sheer Heart Attack and Queen II, later hits like “Under Pressure” and of course the namesake song of the movie, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. So needless to say, this movie was one I was looking forward.

I saw the movie in the Lafayette Theater in Suffern, and the old time charm of the theater felt certainly appropriate for a movie about a band as eccentric as Queen. The film delves into the life of Freddie Mercury, the band’s front man, and the eventual success of the band.

Picking up in 1970, Mercury, born Farrokh Bulsara, is a luggage handler at Heathrow Airport with a passion for music. As the movie progresses, we watch as Queen grows bigger and bigger each year through the 1970s. As the film progresses along a slightly skewed from reality timeline, Mercury begins to accept the fact that he is gay, and gradually grows more comfortable with himself into the eighties. Although the relationship between band members is frayed in the early 1980s due to hard partying of Mercury and shifts in the style of music that the band will be producing. However, in an again dramatized portrayal, the band (along with Mercury’s best friend, Mary Austin, who in reality he left nearly all of his fortune to) is able to save Mercury from himself and allow the band to reconnect in time for Live Aid.

Overall, the movie satisfied this reviewer with its story and light sense of humor, along with getting the accuracy mostly correct. Certain parts of the movie felt rushed, and the movie leaves one hoping it would delve deeper into the making of the earlier albums like Queen II, Sheer Heart Attack, and Jazz, but the insightful analysis of the work that went into the album A Night at The Opera was satisfactory. The movie Bohemian Rhapsody is surely a great movie to anyone who has any appreciation for Queen, Rock Music, or Freddie Mercury. Due to the smashing success of this movie, it is nearly certain that as we slowly make our way into the next decade, more movies about the rock heroes of yesteryear are to certain to be produced, something that a rock fan such as myself can only hope do justice to the music in a manner as Bohemian Rhapsody accomplished.