Ramsey on the Big Screen with Lez Bomb


The comedy Lez Bomb premiered on November 9th, and follows the misadventures of a woman returning to her hometown to come out to her family and introduce her girlfriend at Thanksgiving. That hometown is Ramsey, NJ, and the lead actress, writer and director is RHS graduate Jenna Laurenzo.

The movie is produced by Bobby Farrelly (Something About Mary), and won a jury award after its premiere at the Bentonville Film Festival. The film features well-known actors and actresses including Steve Guttenberg, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Dern, and Keivn Pollak. Laurenzo also wrote and starred in the comedy short Girl Night Stand in 2015.

The Borough of Ramsey features prominently with scenes of the train station, high school, and parts of Route 17. In an interview with SerialOptimist, Luarenzo noted that it was when her Ramsey High basketball coach told her she wasn’t allowed to participate in the school play that she auditioned, was cast as a snarky lawyer, setting a path that led her into acting.

Laurenzo stopped by Ramsey High school on November 7th to discuss making the movie with both the Drama Club and members of the Gay Straight Alliance.