Top 5 TV Shows on Netflix You MUST Watch

Madeline Bierfass, Spotlight Editor

I know there are a million articles online about what Netflix shows everyone needs to see, but they are all written by adults with different perspectives. I’m writing from the view of a high school student who generally knows what other students find interesting (and before you say I don’t know anything about what other students want to watch, keep in mind that I used the term “generally”). So here it is, the top 5 shows teenagers should start watching immediately.


  1. Parks and Recreation

I know this is a controversial choice considering The Office is also on Netflix, but honestly, I’m sick of everyone talking about The Office 24/7. Yes, The Office is a fantastic show with iconic characters. However, Parks and Recreation is equally as humorous with characters like Leslie Knope and Tom Haverford. If you’re like me and you’ve finished The Office and want to watch another comedy, Parks and Recreation will be your new best friend.


  1. Friends

This tv show is a cult classic for a reason: it’s one of the greatest shows of all time. Once you start watching it, you become hooked and end up going through a season in a night. With lovable and relatable characters like Chandler and Pheobe, there is nothing that Friends does wrong. What is so great about this show is that when you finish all ten seasons, it’s so easy to watch everything again. There are certain shows that you will only want to watch once, and Friends is not one of them. No matter how much time passes since the show ended, the storylines and friendships still resonate with all viewers today.


  1. Godless

This miniseries reworks the classic western genre into a modern take on the lawlessness of the American West. In a town dominated by females, an outlaw arrives trying to escape his ruthless gang of ruffians who have crept to new lows of evil. This binge-worthy series takes a deep dive into the relationships and social status of women in the west who are just trying to survive.


  1. Peaky Blinders

This show follows the life of Thomas Shelby, the leader of a gang called the Peaky Blinders in the early 1900s in Birmingham, England. Witness power struggles and dynamic family relationships with this 10/10 show, which will always leave you craving for more and more episodes. Everyone I’ve talked to who have watched the show loves it, mainly because it gives viewers insight as to what lives were like for the powerful during this period.

  1. The Crown

Maybe my favorite show ever, The Crown offers a glimpse into the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Focusing on her relationships with her family, viewers get to see the strain being a monarch has on a person, as well as the challenges that arise when a country’s priorities are placed above everyone else’s. Viewers also get to experience historical issues through the Queen’s perspective and get a behind-the-scenes look as to what is really going on within the royal family. The show gets better with age, as season two is even better than season one, which I didn’t think was possible! Out of any of the shows I mentioned, The Crown is the best option, and a is show that EVERYONE needs to watch.

While selecting my top 5 tv shows on Netflix, I kept in mind to choose a mix of comedies and dramas, so that everyone can find something they enjoy. If you are also a fan of documentary series, I cannot recommend Bobby Kennedy For President and Wild Wild Country enough! They are insanely exciting and give you an inside look into the fantastic career of our former Attorney General, and the cult that took over a town in Oregon in the 1980s. (P.S thanks Mr. Willever for showing our Human Geography class Wild Wild Country last year!)